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Early references to lemonade date back to ancient Egypt, but its modern-day formula developed after Joseph Priestly, a British theologian, philosopher and chemist, invented carbonated water in 1767. By 1833 the clear and sparkling lemonade we know today became widely available. It’s been evolving ever since…


Niko Zandukeli, a talented Georgian chemist and traveller set out for France and returned excited by the refreshing carbonated lemon drink he’d enjoyed there.

Obsessed with perfection, Niko Zandukeli was determined to create his own lemonade recipes by adding bold and original new flavours. Travelling around Georgia, the young Niko befriended fruit and herb farmers and began experimenting with different ingredients. Soon his unique recipes were being sold in pharmacies throughout the land, and fountains and cafes began to pop up as meeting places where Georgians could gather and socialise.

Today the enjoyment of lemonade still sits at the heart of Georgian culture. Happily, these days Niko’s refreshing flavours of lemon, pear, Saperavi grape, tarragon and cream, are available in supermarkets, bars, cafes and restaurants.


With five delicious flavours, there’s a lemonade for every occasion and for every palate.


Straw coloured, fresh and zesty on the palate, with the scent of ripe lemons for a refreshing and perfectly balanced sparkling lemonade.


This pear lemonade is subtly-sweet and very juicy, with a taste of freshly cut pear that lingers and hints of vanilla for a fine balance of sweet and sharp.


Combining Georgia’s national grape variety with a juicy mix of berries, this deep ruby lemonade is crisp and refreshing on the palate, with a scent of Saperavi.


Bright green in colour, with a freshly cut nose, this unique lemonade presents the powerful punch of tarragon leaves and a satisfying and refreshing aftertaste.


With the scent of warm vanilla and rich caramel, this cream lemonade combines sharp and sweet for a satisfying and lingering taste of sweet caramel notes.